Legacy Of Discord Game Modes And Wrathwings System

Legacy Of Discord Game Modes And Wrathwings System

Legacy Of Discord Game Modes And Wrathwings System

Wrathwings System:

Wrathwings are acquired for unlocking special attributes and stats of game characters. Once the ultra-powerful Wraithwings are unlocked, the Guardian will be able to wipe the entire mob of demons with a wave of their weapon. As soon as you fulfill a special condition, you can activate several types of Wrathwings in the game. With each Wrathwing unlocked, you will be able to acquire powerful equipments and qualities.

The qualities of the Wrathwings are only active when your game character is equipped with it. When the Guardian is not in combat, the Wrathwings will remain in “Guardian Form” and offer base powers. On the other hand, when the Guardian is in combat, then the Wrathwings will go in “Combat Form” and increase the attribute bonus by 100% for the 15 second evolution period. This will provide a huge boost in power to the Guardian. In short, the Wrathwings is the most powerful weapon that has ever been crafter for humans to battle against the demonic forces.

PVP Game Modes:

Treasure Dungeon:

It is a Guild PvP mode where you can fight against monsters and other guilds. The Treasure Dungeon is a great way to fight for innumerable amount of treasures. The game mode map includes bosses with loads of loot that will lead to some epic duels.

Icefire Field:

In this mode, there are two teams that consist of 5 players each. The teams will fight in a special battleground that has unique characteristics. The only way to achieve success in the battlefield is by working together as a team and using unique tactics. You will earn points in the battlefield that can be exchanged for Pet Shards and various other rewards in the game. It is recommended to try out Legacy of Discord Hack tool beforing entering Icefire Field.

Guild War:

There are two teams that need to fight against each other. To achieve victory in the battlefield, each team should work together and defeat all members of the opposing guild. In situations when none of the team defeats the opponents, the winner will be decided on the basis of points earned.

The Arena:

It is a one-on-one duel between players. The winner of the duel will be considered to be the strongest Guardian among the two. You will be able to earn several rewards in the Arena mode. Moreover, the winner will be the proudest among all Guardians.


The best way to achieve ultimate supremacy in the game is by winning the Deathmatch. It is a large-scale and free-for-all PvP battlefield. In this mode, there are no allies. All of them are enemies. Once you are defeated in the battle, you can no longer participate. It is an interesting mode and the last player who reaches the end of the deathmatch mode will be considered as the winner as he will claim victory over all other players.

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