Legacy Of Discord Game PVE Trials

Legacy Of Discord PVE Trials

PVE Trials

City Defense:

The Celestial City is always under threat from the demons and it is the task of the Guardians to protect the city. All those Guardians who fight bravely against the demon invasion to guard the city are offered great rewards. These rewards are given in form of currencies, resources, weapons, etc. The number of rewards that the Guardians get is highly dependent on the number of monsters killed by them.

Tower Of Eternity:

The Tower Of Eternity is a multi-layered dungeon that is under the control of the demons. There are innumerable powerful demons that are residing within the Tower Of Eternity. Each and every Guardian is trying to finish the evil presence that is in the tower. As there are innumerable floors in the dungeon, the Guardians have to advance slowly through each floor by defeating various demons and their bosses. Some of the bosses that they come across will be extremely difficult to kill so they need to plan well to destroy them. As they reach the higher floors in the game, they will be awarded with several rewards. Some of the resources that they can earn as rewards are Potions, Eternium, Obsidian, Gold currency (Gold can easily be earned by giving a try to Legacy Of Discord Hack), etc. Among these rewards, the most vital resource is the Eternium as it can be exchanged for Equipment sets.

EXP Dungeon:

An ideal place to earn loads of EXP for reaching new levels is the EXP Dungeon. The Guardians will come across innumerable powerful monsters in the dungeon, which need to be killed strategically. You can either compete alone or with a team; however, the more number of Guardians in your team, the better will be the rewards that you earn.

Hero’s Trial:

There are several monsters that have disguised themselves and become one of the elements. The Guardians are not the only ones who can wield the elements. All these monsters are invulnerable to any kind of physical damage. They can be killed only by a corresponding type of element. You can try killing these monsters and earn several upgrade materials as rewards for your gaming character.

Gold Dungeon:

Gold is the primary in-game currency in Legacy of Discord. It can be used for purchasing several resources, weapons, and can be availed for upgrading equipments. The best place to obtain Gold is at the Gold Dungeon. Keep an eye on the monsters that are guarding their Gold treasures. You can kill them and their entire Gold will become yours. Similarly, the Treasure Dungeon is where several monsters hoard their treasures. To earn more treasure they party with friends and secretly acquire all their wealth.

Mysterious Relics:

In the game, you will come across some mysterious areas. These ancient ruins are a great place to explore and acquire hidden treasures. In the Mysterious Relics, you can select any one door to challenge. However, you need to open up two more doors and for that you can take help from 5 of your guild friends. Each guild friend can help you only once per event.

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