Important Aspects Of Legacy Of Discord Game

Important Aspects Of Legacy Of Discord Game

Important Aspects Of Legacy Of Discord Game

The Legacy of Discord is an entertaining and addictive online game. The Guardians or players of this game come across innumerable modes. Among these modes, the Guild System, Pet System, and the National Treasure mode has been discussed below.

Guild System:

The Celestial City can be invaded anytime by the demons and it is the task of the Guardians to save it. The Guardians from across the world are joining guilds so that they can work collectively as a team and destroy the evil forces. New Guilds are constantly being formed by various Guardians. Each Guardian can either create a new Guild or join an existing one. If they join a Guild that is of a higher level, then they will be able to earn innumerable rewards.

In the game, the Guild system provides various features for the Guardians. Some of these features are Guild Beasts, Guild Quests, Guild Worship, Guild Blessing, Guild Gifts, and many more. In Legacy of Discord, the players will come across two special Guild PvP modes – the Guild War and Treasure Dungeon. In both these modes, the Guardians need to fight as a team in order to achieve success.

Pet System:

Pets are faithful friends that can help the Guardians in the battlefield. There are various qualities of pets available in the game. To activate a pet, you will require the necessary Pet Shards. The pets can be helpful in improving the Battle Ratings. Moreover, they can also use their skills in duels and enhance the attribute growth rate of the Guardian.

It is very important to upgrade the pet as you keep moving to higher levels of the game. These upgrades will increase their attributes and change their overall appearance; thus, making them look more frightening. By checking the Pets Interface, you can get to know the growth of your pets. Also, at the Interface, you can select which pet would accompany you into the battlefield.

National Treasure:

It is a new game mode that will give a chance to the Guardians to take on dungeons in teams. In this mode, you can fight epic battles alongside your fellow countrymen. Moreover, if each member that team up for the guild is from a particular country, then they can earn bonus rewards. So, try to gather several friends and allies from your country to challenge the National Treasure together. To participate in the challenge at the dungeon stages, you need to have a team of 5 players. You will earn the Personal Points Ranking and Nation Points Ranking in the National Treasure event.

When you win a battle, you will get a chance to open chests. These chests will have personalized rewards that will be based on your own BR. Another way to open chests for earning rewards and multiplying your points is by making use of the Golden Key. The team that has players of the same Nationality will earn 20% bonus points and rewards. Moreover, the Nations that reach the top 100 category and the players that reach the top 1000 category will receive Rank rewards. At the end of event, there will be Rank rewards and final Rank rewards awarded on a daily basis.


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